Sworn / court translations and interpreting

Sworn translations and interpreting are required for verbal and written communication with courts, Police, and other official authorities. We provide sworn translations and interpreting services for official communication with authorities.

We provide translations of legal documents in the area of criminal and civil law, commercial contracts etc. as well as their review and corrections.

We translate and correct

  • documents for courts, Police, state/local authorities
  • business contracts
  • birth certificates
  • marriage certificates
  • company certificates
  • school transcripts and diplomas
  • insurance documents
  • CVs

Sworn Translations

Official authorities such as courts or Police require sworn translations of foreign language documents to the local language. All sworn / court translations and certified by our officially appointed court translator by a sealed certificate of authenticity of translation and the original.

Sworn Interpreting

Sworn Interpreting by a court appointed official interpreter is required by official authorities for communication with foreigners. Our court interpreters are officially appointed by the Czech regional courts.

  • Simultaneous interpreting - the interpreter interprets at the same time as the person giving the speech. It is most often used in communication with larger audiences.
  • Consecutive interpreting – the speaker and interpreted take turns. the speaker tells a sentence and the interpreter translates it into the foreign language. It is most often used at court hearings, depositions with Police, training sessions or business meetings.

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Professional court translations and interpreting

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